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Drawing by Rei Inamoto.


Following the defeat of the Titans by the Jovian gods, Hades obtained the kingdom of the underworld. One day, while he was riding through the field of battle, the goddess Aphrodite had her companion Eros playfully shoot an arrow into the heart of Hades.

Struck by Eros' arrow, Hades fell in love with the first young lady he saw, who happened to be Persephone. Hades promptly carried her off into the underworld to be his bride.

Dead souls were escorted to the shores of the River Styx by Hermes, where they were received by the boatman Charon, who rowed them across the River Styx to Hades' kingdom.

Many characters throughout greek myth crossed the path of Hades. Odysseus, the famous greek hero, entered the realm to speek to lost souls. He spoke to his dear friend Tiresias, who told him his destiny. He also came across his dead mother, Anticlea, and the great warrior, Achilles. Odysseus was the only one to successfully make a trip to Hades and return to Earth.

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Following the defeat of the Titans by the Jovian gods, Hades obtained the kingdom of the underworld. One day, while he was riding through the field of battle, the goddess Aphrodite had her companion Eros...more


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