Image courtesy of Kate Pound.

From: Kate Pound
Christchurch, New Zealand, October 4, 2007

En Route to Antarctica - First Stop New Zealand

Hello Everyone!

We are not in Antarctica yet - but we are getting closer! We are now in Christchurch, New Zealand. We still have to get all our Extreme Cold Weather Gear from the Clothing Distribution Center as well as complete several other administrative and outreach events. In the meantime we have been trying to get on to New Zealand time after our long flight here. We crossed the International date line en route from Los Angeles to Auckland, so that means that we are one day ahead of people in the US - we actually missed the 2nd of October entirely; we left Los Angeles on the evening of Monday October 1st, and arrived in Auckland, New Zealand on the morning of Wednesday October 3rd! Can you explain how that is? You will notice that we were welcomed in Christchurch by a rain/hail storm - we got quite wet wheeling our luggage carts to the rendezvous spot. You can also see from the postcard that we flew across the New Zealand Southern Alps, where we had a brief view of the mountains through the clouds that covered most of the land. Once we got settled in Christchurch we took a brief walk around the botanic gardens. Notice all the flowers - what season is it here - and why? I have to go now we are doing a presentation tonight and I have to get ready. I'll write again soon.


Postcards from the Field: ANDRILL

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