News about Life on Earth (the biosphere)

 08/19/10 Marine Scientists, Students Find Widespread Floating Plastic Debris in North Atlantic Ocean

 08/18/10 New Computer Model Advances Climate Change Research

 07/17/10 Gulf Oil Spill: Mississippi River Hydrology May Help Reduce Oil Onshore

 06/17/10 Caribbean Coral Reef Protection Efforts Miss the Mark

 05/16/10 Unprecedented Warming in East Africa's Lake Tanganyika

 04/29/10 Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico

 04/25/10 Soil Microbes Produce Less Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Than Expected With Global Warming

 04/23/10 Even in the Desert, Plants Feel the Heat of Global Warming

 04/08/10 Geologists Uncover Major Ancient Human Ancestor in South Africa

 03/29/10 Climate Helped Bring Angkor to Its Knees

 03/17/10 Prescribed Burns May Help Reduce U.S. Carbon Footprint

 03/04/10 Revisiting Chicxulub

 03/04/10 Scientists Find Signs of “Snowball Earth” Amidst Early Animal Evolution

 02/25/10 Forest Tree Species Diversity Depends on Individual Variation

 02/25/10 More than One: Long-Reining Microbe Controlling Ocean Nitrogen Shares the Throne

 02/01/10 Evolution Impacts Environment, Study Finds

 01/28/10 White Roofs May Successfully Cool Cities

 01/28/10 Dinosaur Discovery Helps Solve Piece of Evolutionary Puzzle

 09/09/09 Global Warming Causes Outbreak of Rare Algae in Caribbean Corals

 06/29/09 Desert Dust Alters Ecology of Colorado Alpine Meadows

 06/11/09 Global Warming Can Impact Monsoons and Lower Crop Production

 05/27/09 Arctic Tundra May Contribute to Warmer World

 03/16/09 Warmer Temperatures are Changing Antarctic Phytoplankton

 02/05/09 Researchers Observe Evolution Chain Reaction

 02/05/09 Microbe Survives in Ocean’s Deepest Realm, Thanks to Genetic Adaptations

 02/04/09 Prehistoric Fossil Snake is Largest on Record

 02/03/09 Early Whales Gave Birth on Land

 01/30/09 "Hot Spot" for Toxic Algal Blooms Discovered off Washington Coast

 01/30/09 Can Forests Survive Without Birds?

 01/07/09 Microscopic Fossils Offer Big Clues to Earth's Climate

 12/12/08 New Online Report on Massive Jellyfish Swarms Released

 11/07/08 Ecologists Use Oceanographic Data to Predict Future Climate Change

 11/02/08 In Alaska's Forests, Dried Mushrooms to the Rescue?

 10/15/08 Details of Evolutionary Transition from Fish to Land Animals Revealed

 10/08/08 Fish Adapting to a Changing World

 09/24/08 Pine Bark Beetles Affecting More than Forests

 09/17/08 From Sugar to Gasoline

 08/08/08 Water Refineries?

 07/29/08 Atlantic Coral Reefs Are No Match for This Lion

 07/21/08 Outflow from World's Largest River – The Amazon – Powers Atlantic Ocean Carbon “Sink”

 07/17/08 Newly-Found Rock May Prove Antarctica and North America Were Connected

 07/17/08 Scientists Discover Fish that Talk

 07/03/08 How Many Species Have There Been on Earth?

 06/17/08 The Mystery of Mass Extinction is No Longer Murky

 06/12/08 If a Tree Falls in the Forest, and No One Is Around to Hear It, Does Climate Change?

 05/28/08 Rock Eating Bacteria Found at the Bottom of the Sea

 05/08/08 Ancient Beachcombers May Have Traveled Slowly

 04/24/08 Genetic Sequencing of Protein from T. rex Bone Confirms Dinosaurs' Link to Birds

 04/18/08 Earth Day 2008

 04/07/08 Money Doesn't Grow on Trees, But Gasoline Might

 02/18/08 Giant Fossil Frog Found in Madagascar

 02/07/08 Pacific Coral Reefs May Not Get Into Hot Water

 12/20/07 Missing Link Between Whales and Four-Footed Ancestors Discovered

 12/10/07 Greenland’s Ice Is Melting Faster

 12/04/07 Did Life First Form in a Mica Sandwich at the Bottom of an Ancient Sea?

 10/31/07 Reef Health Depends on Algae Chomping Fish

 02/01/07 IPCC 4th Assessment Report Summary Due

 10/12/05 First Photos Taken of a Live Giant Squid

 09/22/05 Model Predicts Hurricane Rita's Path

 09/16/05 The 2005 Hurricane Season Is Churning the Atlantic

 05/02/05 Where’s the Woodpecker? Rare Bird Sighted for First Time in 60 Years!

 02/16/05 The Kyoto Protocol Is in Effect! Around the World, 141 Countries Are Taking the First Steps to Decrease Greenhouse Gasses!

 01/05/05 Earthquake in the Indian Ocean Causes a Massive Tsunami

 10/10/03 Researchers Locate Special Penguin Habitats!

 06/04/03 Peeking at Coral Reefs From Space

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