1. Technical Statement of Work

1.2 Project Description and Implementation Plan

1.2.1 Introduction

1.2.2 Applications and Technical Objectives

1.2.3 Relationship to related work in progress elsewhere

1.3 Approach

1.3.2 Software Development

1.3.3 Science Content Development Introduction Sample Topic Areas Data Requirements and Data Base Issues

1.3.4 A Partnership with the Library and Museum User Community Plans for Deployment, Training, Testing, and Evaluation

1.4 Tracking Metrics

2.0 Supporting Facilities

3. Biographical Sketches

3.1 PI - Roberta Marie Johnson

3.2 Co-Is

3.2.1 Dr. Claudia Alexander, Co-I

3.2.2 Dr. Craig Rasmussen, Co-I

3.2.3 Dr. Terry Weymouth, Co-I

3.2.4 Prof. Joan C. Durrance, Co-I

3.2.5 Dr. James Green, Co-I

3.2.6 Mr. Paul Orselli, Co-I

3.2.7 Mr. Theodore Clarke, Co-I

3.3 Advisory Consultants

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