Tracking an Active Region Worksheet                      Name:____________________

Print out a copy of the solar graph. Use the table below to plot the location of the active region AR7220 on the solar graph as it moves across the face of the Sun. To distinguish each new plot of AR7220, place the date by the plot.

For a copy of the solar graph or for help on how to plot the active regions, click here.

Date Location of AR7220
7/5/92 S11E73
7/6/92 S12E63
7/7/92 S11E50
7/8/92 S12E38
7/9/92 S11E25
7/10/92 S12E11
7/11/92 S12W01
7/12/92 S12W14
7/13/92 S11W28
7/14/92 S12W41
7/15/92 S13W55
7/16/92 S12W69

Question for the Students

1. What pattern do you notice in the movement of AR7220?

2. The first day that AR7216 was seen, its location was N13E75. After 12 days where would you expect AR7216 to be?

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