Careers and Weather

Type of Lesson: Writing/Thinking Exercise

Time Needed: 30-45 minutes

Standards Addressed

MEGOSE EAW2 Describe weather conditions and climates.
MEGOSE EAW3 Describe seasonal changes in weather.
MEGOSE EAW6 Describe patterns of changing weather and how they are measured.

Quick Summary of Lesson

The weather affects a variety of careers and jobs. Many workers keep an eye on the weather because their work depends on it. This activity has students explore how weather does affect various jobs.


worksheet (available at bottom of page)


1. Have students work on part one and then part two of the worksheet.

2. Lead group discussion on findings during part one if time permits.

3. Have students share stories if time permits.

Student Activity Sheet

Please click here for student activity sheets. All activities on the Windows to the Universe site may be printed and reproduced if being used for educational purposes.

Notes to the Teacher

Before students start this exercise you may want to give them some examples of how weather affects a particular job or career. For example, if you were working as a lifeguard at your neighborhood pool; lightning might threaten the safety of the people in the pool. A hot and sunny day might mean you would have an especially busy day. Or you may even have the day off if a severe weather made it necessary to close the pool all day.

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