Attention Student Vulcanologists! The movie, Dante’s Peak, dramatizes some real-world concerns faced by communities located near an active volcano in Washington. The movie portrays the roles of U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) scientists and local public officials during the re-awakening and eruption of this fictional volcano. Can you guess (a very educated guess, of course!) what mountain range Dante’s Peak would be a part of? Can you guess what type of volcano it is? What process would have created a mountain located in this area?

As you watch this action-packed movie, use your vast knowledge of volcanoes and make detailed observations to determine what is represented accurately (and not so accurately) by the filmmakers. Your job is to separate fact from fiction!

Assignment: A major California newspaper has asked you, as an expert vulcanologist, to write a review of the movie, Dante’s Peak. Your aim is to point out the scientifically related plot elements that you think are accurate and realistic, and those where the writers stretched things a bit to make the movie more exciting. This review is due on _______________ and should be presented appropriately for this genre (a newspaper movie review).





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