Latent Heat Worksheet                      Name:____________________

Record your data points here:

Use your ruler to make graph ticks on the vertical and horizontal axis. Label those ticks and then graph your data points:

Discussion Questions

1) The shape of the graph looks most like: (sketch)

2) The temperature change of the water was:

3) It takes 4.2 joules to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water 1 degree Celsius. How many joules of energy were used to raise the water's temperature?

4) The reaction in the heater pack was an example of an ____________ reaction. (fill in endothermic or exothermic)

5) This reaction is similar to that which occurs during cloud formation. As water vapor condenses into cloud droplets, heat energy in the water droplet _____________.

6) A cumulonimbus cloud has about 1.0 grams of liquid water per cubic meter. What is the mass of water in a cloud that is 10 km x 10 km x 10 km in kilograms?

7) Suppose the cloud does not move and all the water falls out directly (and is collected) under the cloud. How deep is the water?

8) Suppose an updraft in the cumulonimbus cloud averages 5.0 m/s. How long does it take the air to move from the bottom to the top of the cloud? (this movement occurs during thunderstorms!)

9) Explain the formation of clouds in relation to energy gain/loss and energy transfer.

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