Explanet Worksheet



In this activity, your group will research and write down the answers on the recording sheet below and teach the rest of the class about your assigned planet or moon. As you work with your group, complete one copy of the following questions, keeping in mind that all will share the resulting grade. Learn to cooperate and share the tasks as you are sharing the grade that you earn. Please answer the items below using complete sentences and showing your best work.

Recording Sheet
1. Name of your planet/moon.

2. What is the order of this planet from the sun? If you are researching a moon, what is its order from the mother planet?

3. What is the average distance from the sun? (miles and kilometers) If you are researching a moon, use the average distance of the mother planet.

4. What is the minimum distance from Earth? (miles and kilometers) If you are researching a moon, use the minimum distance of the mother planet. Hint: use the Windows to the Universe site for this!

5. A. Give the mythological origin of the name of your planet/moon.
B. Why was that name chosen for your planet/moon?

6. What is the diameter of your planet/moon in miles and kilometers?

7. Compare the size of your planet/moon to that of the Earth (using diameters of the two bodies). How much larger or smaller is your planet than the Earth?

8. A. Compare the gravity of your planet/moon to that of the Earth.
B. If an object weighed 100 pounds on the Earth, what would it weigh on your planet/moon?

9. What is the temperature range, highs and lows, found on your planet/moon? (Fahrenheit and Celsius)

10. What does your planet/moon look like? Describe its colors, surface features or appearance of clouds/atmosphere, and unique features.

11. List the common elements present and their state of matter (solid, liquid, gas).

12. What is the atmosphere like on your planet/moon? List the gases present and their percentages.

13. What are the names of your planet's moons. Describe any unique features found on your planet's moons. If you are researching a moon, omit this question.

14. What probes have been sent or will be sent to your planet/moon? What did they find out? (If many missions have been sent, list the most important and their findings.).

15. Based on what you have learned, do you think life as we know it can be found on your planet/moon? Explain your answer using fact and reason.

16. Give any other information that you would like to share about your planet/moon. (What makes your planet unique? special? distinct from the others?)

17. Attach a picture you've printed (or drawn) of your planet/moon. Label important features.