Terrabagga Photos

This picture shows all of the materials needed for each group to build its own world: a paper grocery bag, a dead D-size battery, 2 ceramic donut magnets, masking tape, 3 rubber bands, a marker, a magnetometer instrument.

The first step in building a world with a magnetic field in it is to create the dipolar magnet. Take the two magnets and place them on top of each other so that the magnets are attracted to each other. Now without flipping either magnet over, place the top magnet on the top of the battery. Tape this magnet in place. Place the bottom magnet on the bottom of the battery (remember, the side that was facing up, should now be against the casing of the battery). Tape this magnet in place. Now turn your paper bag inside out!

Place your battery inside the paper bag now. Work the paper bag around the battery to create a nice smooth world.

Now it's time to put the rubber band markers on your world. The first rubber band can just be placed whereever it's most needed to hold your world together.

The two other bands should meet at right angles with the first rubber band.

Now it's time to label your world.

Here you can see the magnetometer instrument pointing at the south pole of the world that was just made.

The south pole for this world ended up being in the segment #1.

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