Asteroid Image List

(57.2K GIF)
This is a recent image of the asteroid Mathilde, from the NEAR ( Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous) Spacecraft. It was taken on June 26, 1997 at a distance of 250,000 miles from the surface. (Courtesy of NASA).

(82K JPG)
This is a comparison of Gaspra (top) with Mars' two satellites, Deimos (lower left) and Phobos (lower right). (Courtesy of NASA)

(34K JPG)
This is an image of the asteroid Gaspra from Galileo on October 29, 1991. (Courtesy of NASA)

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Another image of Gaspra. (Courtesy of NASA/JPL)

(76K JPG)
This is a montage of 11 Gaspra images taken by Galileo on October 29, 1991. (Courtesy of NASA)

(33K JPG)
This is a montage of 24 images of the asteroid Vesta taken by the Hubble Space Telescope using the Wide-Field Planetary Camera 2. These images were taken between November 28 and December 1, 1994. (Courtesy of NASA/STScI and B. Zellner, Georgia Souther Uni versity)

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This is an image of the asteroid Ida seen by Galileo on its way to Jupiter on August 28, 1993. (Courtesy of NASA/JPL)

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This is a composite image of Ida rotating seen by Galileo on August 28, 1993. (Courtesy of NASA/JPL)

(16K JPG)
This is a color image of Ida and its moon, Dactyl. (Courtesy of NASA)

(23K JPG)
Another image of Ida and Dactyl. (Courtesy of NASA)

(26K JPG)
These are radar images of the asteroid Toutatis taken from Earth. (Courtesy of NASA)

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