Bonnie Rubin

Bonnie Rubin started working on Windows to the Universein May 1994. (Way back in the early days!) She found out about the project while choosing an "internship" for the Sarah Parker Scholars program. Sarah Parker Scholars are awarded by the College of Engineering and Women In Science and Engineering (WISE).

Bonnie's first responsibilities were, well to first learn HTML. After that hurdle, her job was to collect images of anything space related from other web sites and copyrighted literature. Then she created all of the image archives for each of the nine planets, sun, moon, astrophysical objects and space missions (See Cool Stuff). After her graduation, she spent her work-free second semester senior year working for Windows to the Universe. Her main job was to write and develop the earth chapter and to obtain copyright clearance for many of the images she collected previously.

Bonnie graduated from the University of Michigan in December 1995, receiving a B.S. in Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences (AOSS) from the College of Engineering. She worked on the project until May 1996 when she left Ann Arbor to backpack through the Western United States. After a summer of hiking and camping, she had a brief rendevous with graduate school at UCLA in Atmospheric Sciences. Currently, Bonnie is working at the Discovery Channel in Bethesda, MD. She can be reached at

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