Poetry and Pictures - Weather

This painting by British artist John Constable (1776-1837) is called Seascape Study with Rain Cloud. On most of the painting he has painted a rain cloud and rain. Cumulonimbus clouds turn dark like this one and cause localized rain.
Public domain/Wikipedia


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But just what words?

We'd like to invite you to submit your own poem about this month's featured Weather image. Be as creative and expressive as you can! And check back next month to write another wonderful poem about a weather image.

Today's Highlighted Poem

by claire, age 13, Stamford CT

Dark and looming in the sky
As the rushing wind carries it by
Threatening rain to passerby’s

An evil creature swirling through
While the wind blew and blew
Setting everything anew

Thick and threatening with angry thirst
Looking as if it’s about to burst
This storm will be the worst

The clouds so thick, vast and deep
The storm inches away with a slow creep
As the pelting rain seems to leap

Growing and growing until no end
As people cry out and try to fend
Then the storm takes an unusual bend

The clouds slowly spread out
The rain slows and people shout
Yet their foreheads crease with doubt

The menacing cloud softens but the winds still blow
This dreadful never-ending show
Will this cloud ever go?

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