Eduardo A. Araujo-Pradere

I joined Windows to the Universe in 2003. My main roles are answering Ask-a-Scientist questions and confirming the scientific validity of the content after it is translated into Spanish.

I was born and raised in Havana, Cuba. My first interests were biological sciences, because I wanted to be a medical doctor like my parents, but later, as a young adult, I was fascinated by the way Physics could explain everyday phenomena. My focus then switched to Physics and science in general.

My professional background is in space sciences, education, and electronic engineering. I received my bachelor degrees in my country, Cuba, my Master's in space studies from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), and my Ph.D. in space physics also from UNAM, while doing my research at the University of Colorado. My work as a scientist involves the study and modeling of the Earth's ionosphere, especially during perturbed conditions, when the Sun is very active and our planet, under the right conditions, receives part of the energy released during these active periods. I currently work as a Scientist Research with the Cooperative Institute for Environmental Research of the University of Colorado (CIRES-CU), and am affiliated with the Space Environment Center of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (SEC-NOAA).

I am also passionate about education and outreach, having accumulated over 20 year of Physics teaching in several countries and in different languages. I have also written several outreach articles in Spanish language newspapers. My role in Windows to the Universe gives me the opportunity to help to produce a great product in my primary language, an asset for the Spanish speaking population in America and the world.

I love being with my children David, Victor and Elsa , and with my wife Aymara. Reading, swimming and scuba diving are my favorite activities.

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