Frequently Asked Questions

How can I print Windows pages without the text coming out yellow?

    When you print a page from the site, the color scheme automatically changes to black on a white background. However, many images that have black background will not change. To view the text-only version of the site, click here. With most browsers it is also possible to set a fixed color scheme and have it apply to any site you visit.
How can I change the content level of a particular page?
    Most of our pages are written in three different "levels" of difficulty--Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. These pages have a special button graphic at the top. Simply click on the button corresponding to the level you wish to see, and it will appear in place of the level you were viewing.
How can I switch from English to Spanish and back?
    Most of our pages are translated into Spanish. These pages have a special sun graphic at the top right. Simply click on the language you wish to see, and you will switch to this language
I do not have the Flash plugin for my browser. How can I get it?
    Our plugins page has links to many sites offering downloads of the plugins required to view the file types offered on our site, such as Macromedia Flash, Java and Apple Quicktime.
What are the advantages of becoming a member?
    Our membership is presently geared towards teachers, although you don't need to be a teacher to sign up. We send out monthly newsletters to our subscribers that highlight "hidden gems" in the website, advance news about content, activities, and interactives that will be released soon, as well as Windows to the Universe workshops coming up at future events around the country. We also send out occasional emails about upcoming events. It is absolutely free to sign up.

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