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2015 AGU-NESTA GIFT Workshop

NESTA and AGU teamed up to organize the 2014 AGU-NESTA GIFT Workshop, offered on December 14-15, 2015 at the 2015 American Geophysical Union Meeting in San Francisco, California. The six presentation teams for the workshop were selected based on the exceptional quality and relevance of their proposed presentations and activities from among the applicants for the opportunity to present. Resources presented in the workshop are freely available below.

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PDF of Workshop Materials

1. From ship to shore: Communications from the front lines of marine debris research - Mary Engels (University of Idaho) and Laura Nelson (Sea Education Association)

Classroom Activity

2. Searching for Earth's Twin: NASA's Kepler Mission-1,000 Exoplanets and Counting - Edna DeVore (SETI Institute) and Alan Gould (Lawrence Hall of Science)


3. Conserving Our Nonrenewable Resources: Developing a Theme-Based, NGSS-Aligned Integrated Science Unit Using the Mi-STAR Method - Emily Gochis (Michigan Technological University), Stephanie Tubman (MTU), Luke Bowman (MTU), Steve Mattox (Grand Valley State University), Doug Oppliger (MTU), and Robert Handler (MTU)



4. Tracking Change Over Time: Earth Imagery in the Classroom - Thomas Adamson (SGT Inc, Contractor to USGS EROS), and Naga Manohar Velpuri (ASRC InuTeq LLC., Contractor to USGS EROS)



5. Teaching Mineral Resources with an Emphasis on the NGSS Practices and Crosscutting Concepts - Aida Awad (Maine East High School, IL), Susan Sullivan (University of Colorado), Edward Robeck (American Geosciences Institute), and Alex Speer (Mineralogical Society of America)



6. The Science of Fracking - Gregory Lackey (University of Colorado Boulder), Lisa Gardiner (UCAR Center for Science Education), and Daniel Birdsell (University of Colorado Boulder)

Classroom Activities


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